Morocco Steel Warehouse Prefabricated With Fast Installation

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Update Time 2019-07-09
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prefab metel warehouse

Morocco Steel Warehouse Prefabricated With Fast Installation

The steel warehouse is about 1000 Square meter,  with ZYM steel structure solutions , the prefabricated steel structure 

is erected in about 20 days .

The construction of steel structure workshop is mainly divided into the following parts:

1.Embedded parts ( stabilize plant structure)

2. Columns, usually H-shaped steel, or C-shaped steel ( with angle steel to connect two C-shaped steel)

3. Beams are generally made of C-section steel and H-section steel. 

(The height of the intermediate product is determined by the span of the beam.)


steel warehoue
steel warehouse China
steel workshop
steel workshop China

4.Purlins: C-section steel and Z-section steel are generally used.

5. Supporting and stretching, usually round steel.

6. Watt, divided into two kinds, the first is a single tile (color steel tile). 

The second one is composite board. (Polyurethane or rock wool is sandwiched between the two color coated panels 

to play the role of warm winter and cool summer, also has the effect of sound insulation and fire prevention.

prefab steel warehouse
prefab steel warehouse China
steel structure prefabricated
steel structure prefabricated China
In addition , we customize the optimal plan for the clients , including the steel structure roof  and  steel 

structure wall system . Our  One-Stop service is approved by our clients .

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